Friday, May 14

Dedication From Across the Pond

Blogging via the blackberry at London's Heathrow airport? After the week I've had? That's some real dedication.

Contrary to popular belief, ITM is indeed alive, we're just a mess. I've been in London all week, missing out on one important Boston sporting game after another. Of course no one here cares, cricket is currently dominating the TV in the lounge right now. Europeans are odd.

Meanwhile, T Murph was called down to middle of no where Alabama to wipe oil off some baby seals for work. He'll be down there for nearly a month, likely getting ridiculously sun burnt while offending everyone in the state on a daily basis.

What have I heard/read about the Sox since crossing the pond?

-Since I didn't actually see Dice-K's recent gem, I don't believe it happened (think Carl Everett and the dinosaurs)

-Pap may, or may not have confidence in more than one pitch at this point

-Brookline is really trying to screw Sox fans with their plans to change parking requirements around the Fenway area. Metered parking, which shuts off at 6, will now only be 2 hour parking spots. There is actually a petition going around. Maybe I'll link to it when I land in Boston.

-Maybe Brookline should be more worried about who is minding their gas stations huh?

-Is Ellsbury really still out? Really? I'm hoping I missed something. Am I going to have to call him out?

-The Sox just might be turning a corner towards consistent play. Might be.

-I still haven't figured out if I'm concerned about Beckett. No wait, I just decided I am.

Alright, time to not do the Grad school work I need to do while fighting the volcanic ash cloud home. Instead I'll watch a chick flick or two and then deny I've ever seen them in conversation.

Go Sox, Go Bruins. Celtics?...oh snap.

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