Monday, May 31

Morales Puts Sox, and My Fantasy Team on Notice

I know I'm about a day late in posting this video....but give me a break, it's memorial day weekend. That said, the Kendry "Gramatica" moment from Saturday night is an unfortunate instant classic. But if you consider the Angels a likely competitor in the eventual wildcard and playoff race, maybe you don't feel quite as bad.

What makes this injury worse is that Morales is a cornerstone stud on my fantasy team (Roger Dorn's Revenge). I finally get Curtis Granderson back from the DL and now my best power hitter ruins himself in celebration.

A few of us were at a bar Saturday night when a buddy of mine told me he saw the news scroll across the bottom line. Naturally, I assumed he was joking since he knew Morales is on my fantasy team (we do this all the time, I tell T Murph at least once a week that Adrian Gonzalez was just deported). "How do you even dream up this crap" this point, I wish he was kidding.

Anyways, how many times have we seen a Red Sox player hit a walk off and have celebrations of tackling, punching and kicking each other? Good thing Sox players drink a glass of milk everyday. Youk would have ruined Morales years ago.


Anonymous said...

Playoff contender or not, you have to feel bad for this guy. This has to be the worst way to get injured. Sometimes you have to put fantasy baseball on the back burner!

ITM-Vicino said...

Clearly you don't participate in the extremely competitive and serious fantasy league of "Jim Abbott's Stumps". Only then would you understand the true fantasy implications of this injury.

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