Friday, May 28

You Heard it Here First....Unfortunately

(I still can't believe someone was serious when they made this pic)

I went to Remys last night hoping that I would be wrong. As soon as Dice-K nearly threw a no-no last week I called a few people to say he would go 4 and 2/3rds, giving up 5 runs and 5 walks in his next outing.

While I wasn't exactly right, but I was damn near close enough. Dice-K threw the same amount of pitches last night as he did in his 8 innings of dominance over the Phillies (112). This time the output was far from the same. 4 and 2/3rds innings, 8 walks!, 1 k, and 3 runs later, Dice-K was out of the game asking his interpreter how to say over-hyped in English.

That's just who Dice-K is. Impressive at times but amazingly frustrating too....with the frustrating times taking the severe majority. He's far from the phenom from the far east we were sold on....but he's just good enough to keep you wondering if and when he'll turn the corner.

One let down loss to the Royals at home shouldn't derail this team from their current run of great play, but I wonder when Tom Verducci will start to rethink his article on Dice-K's resurgence (ITM note: the velocity seemed to be there last night, but what kind of major league pitcher walks five guys in one inning? T Murph didn't even do that in his little league days.....and if anyone was going to do it, it was him).

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Soxin10' said...

Can we add Tim Wakefiled to the list of uncontrollable pitchers as well????

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