Thursday, May 27

See How Much The Sox Are Pouring?

(the pic may not make much sense to you, but believe me when I say, it's funny)

The Celtics have us all on edge....there is fear throughout New England of an unprecedented back to back 3-0 collapse....

But have you been watching the Sox lately? They're the only team that actually matters in my mind, and they just ripped through the best competition the league has to offer. In the words of naughty Mazz "talk about a turd cutter" (ITM note: I still don't know what that actually means, but i've been using it in day-to-day conversation without issue).

Things seem to be falling into place for the Red Sox. They finally leaped over the Blue Jays in the AL East standings last night....and are right on the Yankee's tail for 2nd.

More importantly, the Sox just brought the other-worldly Tampa Bay Rays back down to earth, defeating the AL East leaders in every facet of the game. The Sox went into an environment where they've had little success over the past few years, against the hands down best team in the league, and made them look like the Devil Rays of old (I honestly would have been somewhat happy with winning one game, forget all three).

Will Ortiz continue to average 4 taters every 6 games? Nope. Will Adrian "my main man" Beltre continue to hit .344 and end up with his project 130 RBI? Probably not. But this is still a banged up they continue to get healthy, and Pedey finds his swing again, everyone will be able to chip in.

Suddenly the Sox are back, Gonzo is not needed, and teams are likely wishing they would have taken Buchholz in a trade last year (for now at at least...fingers remained cross). With the sweep of the Rays and their recent run through the league's best, they've sent that message to everyone in baseball (including their own fan base).

Next up for the Sox? The Royals and Oakland at home, followed by away series against Baltimore and Cleveland.....they came back to life against the league's best, now it's time to get fat on the league's worst. Go Sox.


Anonymous said...

Of course they start playing well when I go away

ITM-Vicino said...

I'm assuming that's T Murph....I'm also assuming you're covered in oil while saving young children in the South. That said, you need to learn how to input your blogger name into your Iphone.

Keep fighting the good fight sir.

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