Sunday, May 23

A Surprising Weekend

T Murph is still rolling around in oil on the shores of Louisiana....or Alabama, one of those Southern States. He gave me a ring tonight to ask if this weekend actually happened (in regards to Boston sports). It's midnight on Sunday, so we'll need to elaborate more throughout the week, but for now, I'll stick with some highlights from the conversation:

TMurph: Did the Sox really take two out of three from the Phillies this weekend?

Me: Apparently, but since I missed a majority of the actual games, I'm not entirely sure I believe it.

TMurph: Who is this Celtics team and what did they do with the underachievers I knew when I left?

Me: Studly, that's who they are.

TMurph: Did Dice-K really nearly though a no-no? Or were your drunk text messages just to screw with me?

Me: The text messages were true, although, I'm pretty sure that wasn't Dice-K on the mound, rumor on the street says it was actually the black smoke from LOST.....just using Dice-K's body.

TMurph: That don't make no sense.

Me: I know, neither does the show.

Me: Either way, we've got some momentum heading into a big series against Tampa.

TMurph: &*#@! Tampa! I forgot about that. Southerner's don't get news on a daily basis. Is it home or away?

Me: At Tampa.

TMurph: Balls.

Me: Yes, that. Alright man, get back into the bar and drink some bud-heavies with that guy Ed who has three teeth.

TMurph: Dude, been doing that for days.

Add in a few Tommy Boy and Major League quotes and welcome to our life in a nutshell. This was an actual conversation......and officially one of the worst posts I've ever done. Give me a break, it's 12:15am on Sunday night.

Go Sox.

Random Update: By the way, I'm calling it now, Dice-K's next start, he'll go 4 and 2/3rds, giving up 9 hits, walking 4, and surrendering 5 runs.....because that's just how Dice-K rolls.

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