Friday, May 21

Headed Into the Weekend by Going Around the Horn

Leading off with the Friday edition of going around the horn with a truly unique story....

-Pawtucket Pawsox Daniel Nava is a super creep. He's been leaving a ticket to every game in Erin Andrew's name, hoping to one day meet her. And he's been doing this for THREE STRAIGHT YEARS. Dude, you're a triple AAA ballplayer, she's a headliner, dominating the national sidelines and dancing with the stars. We all love her, but you don't see me leaving an office pass in her name to come visit me in Boston everyday, get over it. Erin Andrews is not walking through that door.

-That said, look up Daniel Nava, he has put up the best offensive numbers in the minor leagues for the Sox over the past two years. Hopefully he'll make me eat my words.

-I still don't understand how Lester/Ortiz/anyone can be so bad in April every year. Mark Teixiera appears to do the same. It both amazes and frustrates me. Every year I freak out and think "this is the year they don't break out of it". I don't need this kind of stress in my life.

-Don't look now, but the Rays are pulling away in the AL East (I know, far too early), but the Yanks are struggling, and the Sox are only 3.5 games behind the Bronx Bombers. Just saying.

-Clay Buchholz may not be our ace right now, but he's gotta be considered our 1A. I'm more confident with him on the bump this year than nearly anyone. From pitching for his life in Spring Training to being the rock in a star-studded rotation this year, he's been studly.

-Mr. David Ortiz. We all owe you an apology. Keep it up though, because the media can quickly turn.

-I'm not sure why there is such a cry over Theo going undercover at a Pear Jam concert. Leave the guy alone. ITM note, he kind of looks like Cheech from "Cheech and Chong"...


Anonymous said...

I didn't even read your article, I'm just in love with the lead off picture.

ITM-Vicino said...

Can't say I blame you one bit. Top shelf talent.

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