Friday, June 25

Are You Kidding?

Given the 8:40 ET start and the extra innings finish, I think there's a good chance that some of you are waking up this morning wondering what happened in the Sox game. I don't even want to ruin the surprise for you. All I'm gonna do is put Dustin Pedroia's name alongside two others: 1) Albert Pujols, from May 30; 2) Fred Lynn, as in all-time Sox record for single game total bases. From there, I think you can figure out what may have happened in the 10th.

Daisuke for All-Star game starter!


ITM-Vicino said...

I'm currently hungover on a plane about to fly out of Paris. I tried telling a French guy next me how money Pedroia is. He's got no clue what I'm saying and definitely hates me.


Go Sox.

Anonymous said...

Ce mec, Pedroia, est petit comme une souris mais il lutte comme un lion. Try that, maybe? Or say that he's like a half-pint Zidane.

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