Sunday, June 27

ITM: Going Around The Horn

There is nothing better than coming back from Paris, finishing my Master's program, and finally finding the time to focus on the Red Sox. With that said, let's go quickly around the horn and play catch up:

-I can't believe I didn't witness the Pedroia madness firsthand. Reading his hilarious quotes a day later in Europe on my blackberry just isn't the same.

-The injury bug is biting hard right now, we've got our fingers crossed that Buchholz, Pedey, and VMart bounce back quickly....otherwise, we're dead in the water in the AL East.

-I just typed that...then I read this on VMart....not good my friends.

-I would have liked to see BJ Upton and Longo let loose and go at it today, odds makers favor Longoria in a fight, but I think Upton is something completely nuts in the head. Crazed anger is a tough thing to counter.

-98 percent of Americans can't find Ghana on a map, yet, the US soccer team has been bounced by them twice in the World Cup.....I'm sad for both the team and 98 percent of America.

-Lester's performance today was amazing, and the Sox are going to need a lot more of it given the injuries. Cameron and Ellsbury is one thing, but the recent injuries would sink this ship.

-Eric Patterson isn't exactly the answer at second base, I'd rather run Billy Hall out there everyday.

-I know he's been hurt, and can't play back to back games, but I was still surprised to hear that Mike Cameron hit his first tater of the year for the Sox. So much for ITM's expected 25 jacks huh?

-Thank god for a few off days this week, between Boston's injuries and the Vicino's moving, we all need a collective second to breathe.

-What are the chances JD Drew hurts himself while eating an ice cream on his off day and lands on the 15 day DL? I'd say pretty good.

Damn it's good to be home.

Go Sox.


Soxin10' (as long as we get healthy) said...

Martinez to the DL, this team is falling apart day by day. There is only so long Darnell, Nava and Hall can keep this team in the hunt for the AL East.

ITM-Vicino said...

I agree Sox....but somehow this team has managed thus far. We'll need a few guys to step up (Lackey, Beckett and Ellsbury, I'm looking at you), but so long as we can stay in the mix until the trade deadline, I give this team a good chance of playing ball in October.

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