Friday, June 4

Batter Crushes A Walk-off Tater, Then Starts a Brawl

File this under the "too good not to post" category. This is the Rangers' Class-A affiliate Bakersfield Blaze ball club where the batter (Engel Beltre) admired his 10th inning, walk-off tater for a good 15 seconds before moving out of the batters box. After that, he doesn't touch the plate before all hell breaks loose. I don't think I've ever seen a tater turn into an all out brawl before.

Also, it sounds like there are 20 or 30 drunk spectators in the stands who don't even know what's happening in front of if they're not paying attention at all. That's what you get when you charge three dollars for a ticket and 2 dollars for beers.

Some serious punches were landed, and I'm a big fan of the emphatic home plate stomp at the end. Gotta love the minor leagues.

Buchholz tonight....pumped. Go Sox.

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