Thursday, June 3

Bring Back Wendell Kim

The bullpen had been so good lately, just not today. I guess you could say they were due for down day. Even the king of Hyde Park, Manny D got lit up in this afternoon's get-away game (ITM note, he began the day as the AL leader with a .128 batting average by opponents).

The Sox were playing catch up the entire game as both teams beat the crap out of each other's pitching.

However, in my opinion, the bullpen wasn't the story of the game, nor was the 18 hits for the Sox. It's the third base coach who had two runners thrown out at the plate in back to back innings.

I should never be blogging about the Red Sox third base coach, staying out of the media's attention is his job. Instead, he gives the banged up V-Mart a green light to try to score on a Youk double with 0 outs in a 2-1 game. He then pulled a "send him in Wendell Kim" move in the next inning, again, with no outs. Unreal.

I'm not going to call his job easy, it's not, but today's decisions seemed obvious. I thought the Eck was going to shave his mullet in anger during the post game.

On a separate topic, and I kind of hate myself for saying this, but I can't stand games when Wakefield is on the hump. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, and think he's had an amazing career with the Red Sox, but I just hate watching him pitch. Maybe it's because every other time I have tickets to a game, it's Wakefield who I see pitch, and he usually gets roughed up.

With Beckett on the shelf for at least another month, are we just stuck with a struggling Wakefield for a while?

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