Wednesday, June 2

Fire Jim Joyce!

I can't believe this just happened. I know this isn't the best quality video, but regardless, it shows the outright need to fire Jim Joyce and fire him now.

I'm not sure if I've seen a bigger blown call in my life. How did the Tigers not go completely ballistic after this? Safe by a full step and you get a perfect game taken away from you? It would have defined Galarraga's career, even if he did nothing else.

I would have found the nearest steal chair and gone Macho Man Randy Savage on him.

If Bud Selig doesn't fire Jim Joyce he should at least allow Armando Galarraga one free punch to the man's face.

You know it's been when the runner himself was upset about the call. I have to assume that even Joe West would have called the runner out, and that guy is full of fat and evil.

Joe Murph and I had a quick chat on this, he's going nuts about the point where he just stopped IMing me, but here's what I got out of him:

"that's so terrible. It wasn't even close, how can you not just give the benefit of the doubt? what kind of a person are you if you're rooting so hard against the perfect game that you're ready to make that call? That's the *&*%ing umps again, wanting the game to be about them"

continued...."I'm really angry about that. They should just get rid of umps. Have it all be like the lasers in tennis that can tell where the ball was.....yep, all k zone and lasers"

That's the last I heard from him, I have to assume he's gone out on a search mission for a good laser to preserve the integrity of the game.

Side note: How the hell have there been so many perfect games of late (by the way, this one counts in my book). There have been what? 20 all time? With essentially 3 happening this year and 1 last year? I guess that's what happens when the hitters are tested for PED's.


Joyce Sucks said...

Get ready for more instant replay in baseball! Clearly it's needed.

DVicino said...

It has been a terrible season for the umps thus far. They're certainly not making a good case for keeping replay out of the everyday game.

That said, there is still something about the human element of the game that is appealing....just not when it's this bad and this important to the game.

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