Thursday, June 10

Now This Is How You Get Ejected From A Game

I don't like to repost items I see on Barstoolsports or Deadspin, but this video is an instant classic. Talk about making the most of an ejection. Thumbs up all around.

Best line has to be "Let's go get a beer Doc"....right after yelling at the opposing team's catcher to get out of the way so he could chuck as much equiment on the field (Bobby Knight style) as possible.

I watched this video as the Sox handed a 4-0 lead to Big Jon Stud Lester in the 1st inning. Safe to say this one is in the bag....unless they put Boof Bonzer in the game in the 9th....

Between this video and the Sox...if the Celtics can follow through with a win tonight, all will be right in the world.

PS: Ten points to anyone who can name the teams in this video and where they're from....Wally Backman refers to it as "professional baseball", but it looks like they're playing on a crappy Cape Cod League field.


One More Dying Quail said...

This was from 2007, when Backman was managing the South Georgia Peanuts in the South Coast League.

Soxin10' said...

Awesome job by the manager here. He must of had a mic on him?

Also, I love the complete disregard for the little kids who are around. Four letter words all over the place.

No one ever said Bobby K was a role model!

ITM-Vicino said...

No one has to say it, I'll man up to it....I completely jinxed this game for the Sox. My fault, totally my fault, I'll accept it.

That said, we should have won that game.

The video remains amazing, good work to One More Dying Quail for digging up the details and citing Wikipedia as a resource (the site of all things true).

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