Sunday, June 13

ITM: Going Around The Horn

(I'll never pass up the random chance to mention Erin Andrews in an ITM post...this way I can toss up pics of her to keep your interest.....admit it, it works)

-Continuing in a recent theme, Nava is making me eat my words....from a grand slam on the first pitch he sees in the big leagues, to going 2 for 4 and driving in a run in the 9th today, things are going well for Daniel Nava. The shout out he got from Erin Andrews on twitter however? That's bigger than anything he could do on the field. Good work all around.

-Surely Evan Longoria will likely start at third base for the AL All Star game, but Adrian Beltre better be there as well. You can stack his numbers up against any third basemen in the AL and argue he's having a better season. Studly pick up. (PS: Beltre is currently over a million votes behind Longo and in 4th place....which is BS)

-Why can Tim Wakefield never seem to make it through the 4th inning? It seems that every 4th inning he's thinking about the Heidi Watney-Jade McCarthy, beer drinking, jersey shore watching, emotionless picture that I painted a few posts back

-What's the deal with D.O.? I don't mind Eric Freede, but the Rem-Dawg isn't the same without him

-So Big Baby and Nate Robinson are "Shrek and Donkey"...but isn't it more of a spot on nickname for Ortiz and Pedroia? Think about it, it's crazy accurate.

-The Red Sox are clearly banged up, but the Yanks and Rays are not exactly playing great baseball right now. Any ground they can make up at this point has to be considered gravy.

-Jerry Remy can now be rented out for birthday parties? Is there anything this guy doesn't do at this point? He needs to be careful not to jump shark like Peyton Manning. I love Remy, but don't need to see his mug everywhere I turn.


Tom said...

We were at the game today. Big pop for Nava & Beltre. A few things that I found very irritating today. Too many fans cheering for Philly & no BP on the Monster for me again today... on top of that a loss...Not a good day.

ITM-Vicino said...

Ha, another tough game for you to take in of these days you'll see a gem. You've earned it.

I've definitely seen a lot of Philly fans in the city this weekend, they travel well, but Sox fans should be giving them hell at Fenway.

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