Friday, June 18

What a Day

Some mornings you just wake up and it's 70 degrees and sunny and there's a huge soccer game on at 10 a.m. Okay, there are almost never mornings like that, so let's praise this one while we've got it. (I'm assuming weather is equally nice in Boston. I've seen Vicino's photos from Paris and there's nothing like June over there.)

Yes, life is good. The Sox completed a sweep of the D-Backs to push within just 2 games back on the Rays and Yankees. Check this - the Sox have the third most wins in baseball. Did we believe that could ever be just one short month ago? Maybe we did, because we're Boston fans and hope springs eternal and things just always seem to bounce our way.

And where are those wins coming from? Starters, believe it or not. The Sox are now the only team in baseball with 3 starters having 8 wins or more. And they're doing it without Beckett. Lackey might finally be building up a head of steam, too, and said in last night's press conference that he's always felt the second half of the season is where he shines.

And now, as if life weren't good enough, the Dodgers are coming to town. Red Sox West. A good old fashioned rivalry. As if entertaining our guests from LA weren't enough, we've got Slovenians to consider, too.

Yes, some mornings you just wake up a Boston sports fan and life is good. No clouds in sight. Rainbows and lollipops. Rainbows and lollipops. Just keep repeating it and maybe it'll feel true.


Soxin10' said...

I appreciate the post and the lack of mentioning that basketball team we may or may not rout for. But using soccer as a way to pull us out of the darkness? Maybe not the best. The Sox yes, soccer may be a stretch.

DVicino said...

Soxin10'...I'm pretty sure Joe Murph covered himself in his own post on the soccer comment. That said, I think it has helped more people than you'd think try to forget "certain things".

Certainly the Manny saga at Fenway last night went a long way as well. This team is for real, and it's time for us to focus.

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