Friday, June 18

A Reminder to Bostonians

Today sucks. No doubt about it. Consider yourself lucky however, at least you didn't go to bed at 1:30am in France, then woke up at 3:30am to watch game seven through the middle of the night. Awful.

But while you were freaking out over Big Baby's drool, the Red Sox have been slowly but surely becoming a baseball power again. They now sit a season high 12 games over 500, and just 2 games behind the Rays and Yankees.

-Pedroia's knee is back to full strength and he's hitting lasers to all areas of the field.

-Ortiz is back, again, batting 500 over his last 22 at bats.

-Lester and Buchholz continue to lead the team out of the pitching disaster of April.

-Lackey continues to be good enough, but at the same time, not good at all (how does he have 8 wins?)

-While Hermy and Ellsbury walk around in near body casts thanks to Adrian Beltre, but our outfield of no names have filled in damn well.

-Word on the street is that Erin Andrews might just be taking Daniel Nava up on his free ticket offer. Good work son.

-Manny's coming back to town, whether he knows it or not, it should provide for some entertaining moments.

So it's perfectly fine to be pissed about the Celtics, call in to work, do what you have to do...but rub some dirt it and pick yourself up, because our real love (baseball) has something good going right now.

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ITM-Vicino said...

PS: this was posted in anger on some random street in Paris while on my blackberry

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