Friday, July 2

Did Tonight's Game Even Happen?

I feel like tonight's game was a blur...and it nearly was, lasting only 2 hours and 7 minutes. I'm not sure if I can remember a faster game in my life. Staying with the idea of brevity, here are some quick thoughts:

-JD is back! Drew got exactly what he wanted tonight, two solo shots and a very fast game. I'm sure that at this point he's sitting in the hot tub showing no emotion, thinking about when his next injury will hit.

-Nava continues to one-up himself, maybe Erin Andrews was in the house tonight. It's Nava's world and the rest of us are just living in it.

-The Sox are now only a half game behind the Yanks for first place in the AL East. Honestly, how is this possible?

-Old man Wakefield does it again. Between all the injuries and the bullpen's recent struggles, Wake recognized the need to go deep into the game and be effective, I know, it's the O's, but Wake seems to always eat innings when they need it the most.

-If the Sox are going to keep themselves in the mix over the month of July, this is exactly the type of baseball they need to play. Great pitching, timely hitting and good defense. They can't get into slug fests.

-The serious injury concern is slightly mitigated by a relatively weak July schedule.

-The Sox are without both of their major league catchers, and apparently both of their catchers up in Lowell got hurt last amazing run of bad luck.

-If Adrian Beltre is not an All-Star, I'm going to consider threatening anyone who'll listen. Or, more likely, I'll just write a pissed off post about it.

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