Thursday, July 1

Pedey Can't Stand Being Hurt

From today's Globe....

“I’m just keeping my [expletive] ready,’’ Pedroia said. “That’s all I’ve got for you. I’ve just got to keep my arm in shape.’’

“I’m pretty bored,’’ Pedroia said. “There’s not really a lot to do for me right now. I really don’t do much. I just sit down, lift weights sitting down. That’s about it.’’

Can you imagine having to deal with this guy on the bench right now? JD Drew (and his "stiff neck") must be getting drilled with insults as Pedey is in the dugout all game.

I'm sure he's screaming at Tito on how to manage the game as well. My god I love Pedey, but from a clubhouse perspective he might be one of the funniest/most annoying players who could possibly get hurt.

He took grounders from his knees pretty much as soon as he was put on the DL....while JD Drew quietly eats a sandwich in the dugout and Ellsbury works on his tan in Arizona. Take notice gents, this is how a man (and a good teammate) operates.


Ellsbury2 said...

It's amazing how fast everyone turns on Jacoby, let's see if we're still mad at him when he's tearing it up next month.

ITM-Vicino said...

Ells....I don't think anyone of the ITM writers have turned on Jacoby, especially Joe Murph who nearly wanted to fight me just for saying he's been working on his tan.

I'm a big fan of Jacoby and often get odd looks when screaming that "he's a stud!" at bars...but i'm just a little concerned about how MIA he's been.

The long and short of it is, I'm in man love with Pedey, it happens.

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