Monday, July 12

Do you want to know the terrifying truth, or do you wanna see me hit some dingers?


And this one actually had some historical significance for Sox fans. Our longtime hero v. our prodigal son. Big Papi v. The Big One Who Got Away. Ortiz v. Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell, I mean Hanley Ramirez. Pretty interesting contest.

After knocking out 8 in the first round, Ortiz went for a cool baker's dozen to get to the final round against Hanley. And then there it was. Actual excitement during the Major League Baseball All-Star weekend. Not NBA All-Star level excitement, with roulette wheels and car-jackings, but still, not bad, you know, for baseball.

Ortiz put out another 11 in the final round, to Hanley's 5. So there you have it. Who'd have believed it? David Ortiz - 18 HRs at the break, 57 RBIs, All-Star, and now, 2010 Home Run Derby Champ. Never count that man out.

Also, good news, I'm pretty sure that this means we get an option to claim Hanley off waivers.

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