Thursday, July 8

Theo on the Cape, Scouting Anthony Ranaudo

This is an absolute "get me over fastball" type post as I get ready for another business trip across the pond. I've been tied up with moving and traveling of late, hence the lack of posts. However, I was told yesterday that our friend T Murph will be coming off the bench over the next few days to pinch hit while I'm gone...we'll see how that goes. Current odds are 2 to 1 that I come home to a lawsuit.

Anyways, I got this picture from my cousin who was celebrating the 4th of July at a Bourne Braves Cape Cod League baseball game. Our good friend Theo was on the Cape celebrating America's birthday by scouting one of his top draft picks - RHP Anthony Ranaudo.

Now that's a dedicated owner. If I was Theo I would have been on a yacht somewhere lighting off fireworks, but I guess that's why he's the GM and I'm not.

Aside from having an awesome name, Ranaudo has a bright career ahead of him. He stands at 6-7 and weighs 230 pounds. The right hander throws in the mid 90's and has dominated thus far in the Cape League. Remember that name folks, you're likely to hear more of it over the next few years.

Kid is a stud.

For more info on Ranaudo and his night in Bourne with Theo watching, check out the full count blog over at WEEI.


Rob said...

Great to see Theo constantly flooding the farm with young talent!

ITM-Vicino said...

He's going to need to keep it up with all his recent "bridge" talk. Not to mention the injuries.

Here's hoping this kid keeps up the good work on the Cape.

Tom said...

The kid is definately studly. Very impressive outing that night defeating my hometown Braves. I had to restrain myself from yelling at Theo for all the "bridge year" talk. Being a half game out at the time helped, not to mention my wife telling me don't be an ass. He's lucky she was But in reality Cape League games truly are a chance to see some great up and coming talent. Take a look at some of the names that have gone through the system over the years...amazing talent. We'll see what happens if he shows up again, he just better hope my wife is there and we aren't more than a 1/2 game out!!

Mike Saver said...

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