Monday, July 26

How Hasn't a Red Sox Pitcher Tossed a No-No Yet?

2010 is absolutely the year of the pitcher. It seems like every night there is a no hitter or perfect game watch scrolling on ESPN's bottom line, everyone is doing it.

My question is, one, does the guy in this photo even realize he's holding a sign? He looks amazingly drugged up and incredibly old, good for him for seeing a no-no, but I wonder if he even knows he's at a baseball game. "Victory"? Really? You're not Johnny Drama dude. I'm sure his 15 year old grandson got him to pay for two tickets and convinced him to buy beers after every half inning.

Anyways, my real question is how this Red Sox rotation hasn't thrown a no hitter yet? Lester, Buchholz, Beckett, Lackey and the Dice-man?....How hasn't it happened this year?

For all intents and purposes we've had 6 no hitters this year. 6. It's unreal, it's lost most of the appeal at this point. Garza threw a no hitter tonight, but Dez Bryant tweeted that he wears women's clothes, so that's bigger news at this point.

The Vicino over/under on number of no hitters this season is 8, and I think somehow we'll get there. All I'm saying is that someone from this Red Sox rotation better be among them (surely, it's not Buchholz tonight....)

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