Wednesday, July 28

Lackey to LAA: "Eat It"

ITM hasn't been nice to John Lackey for the majority of the season. To put it simply, he's underperformed.

But the big ugly Texan with a ridiculous wife (above) has turned the corner, he's earning his money and letting his old team know about.

Last night, and for his last three or four starts, he turned into the 1-A starter we thought we were getting back when Joe Murph posted about how much his tail was wagging after the Lackey signing a few months ago.

His stock is definitely rising in my book.

And his post game press conference last night caused it to rise even more.....essentially dishing out a "see how much I poured" to those fake LAA fans on the West Coast:

In response to all the fans booing him at his first return to his old stomping grounds (where for 8 years he was their ace and gave them a ring), he noted "The scoreboard talks the loudest’’...

...AKA, eat it LA, or Anaheim, or whatever other fake baseball town you're trying to represent.

Lackey has found a real team, with a real fan base who cares about the game. He's moved on, and right now, it looks like he's hitting his stride at a time when Boston (and its fans) need it the most.

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