Friday, August 20

Beckett Can't Get The Sox Over the Hump

(I hear ya Tito, loud and clear)

I'm not saying he pitched poorly, but he certainly continues to fail in rising to the occasion. Things were going well for a bit, but then Josh Beckett let up a three run tater to Godzilla and the Sox never had a chance after that.

I'm not going to rant and rage about Beckett's inconsistency, lack of ace-like stuff, or ability to dominate important games throughout the year (..or did i just do that?). I will however say that having Josh Beckett (on the Red Sox and/or on your Fantasy team) is like having a hot ex girlfriend. She was great for a while, but you don't trust her anymore, you want nothing to do with her, but deep down, you know she's still got "it" somewhere, and you can't help but stay interested.

This is by no means directly applicable to me, I just watch a lot of Entourage.

Either way, with the Rays losing late night, the Sox missed yet another chance to gain ground in the Wild Card race......a "race" that is becoming more and more one sided.

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