Sunday, August 22

It's Clay's World and We're All Just Living in it...

Clay Buchholz's season of dominance kept chugging along today. Another ho-hum outing of keeping a powerful lineup off the scoreboard. It's just Buchh being Buchh.

And another reason to keep a small bit of playoff hope for these Red Sox.

A weekend family wedding kept me away from the games, but it's nice to know that I have nothing to really worry about when Buchholz is on the bump.

Second in the AL with 15 wins, leading the league with an unreal 2.26 ERA, and STILL under the radar. I don't get it, but I'll certainly take it.

I'm lucky enough to have money seats to tomorrow's game, right on the first base line.....and with my luck it'll rain on me the entire time. Regardless, I'm just hopeful they can get the game in, the Sox can get on a run, and Heidi is close by. open bar wedding means I desperately need sleep. Go Sox

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