Tuesday, August 3

Beckett is Back, And Crazier Than Ever

If that's not the face of a focused/slightly insane man I don't know what is. I'm not sure who's more excited about JB's dominating performance tonight, Tito (who verbally undressed Cleveland's coach Smith tonight), or my brother who has him on his fantasy team.

Unfortunately for the Sox, the run of ridiculous injuries continued with Youk going on the DL earlier this afternoon. That news only reinforces the fact that the Sox will need continued deep-in-the-game dominance from their starters if they're going to stay in the playoff race conversation.

That said, if Youk requires season-ending surgery, it's lights out for this team either way.

Regardless, the stories of tonight's game are both JB dominance and Mike Lowell's two run tater on the first pitch he saw before the crowd had even stopped giving him a standing ovation. As much of a disaster as this season has been, tonight's game was a special one to watch.

Jacoby's back tomorrow....as much as the media (ITM included) has given him crap all year, I'll admit, I'm a little excited.


Anonymous said...

My favorite part was how Lackey was up bumping people, but with a big smile on his face the whole time.

Ruff Riders said...

BECKETT'S GOT THE FIRE BABY....def pumped up. Will see next start against the Yanks.

I couldn't tell if it was Lackey smiling or just his face full of teeth on his mug

DVicino said...

Lackey reminds me of a donkey, but he's a massive man who I would want on my side in a fight, that's for sure. He may not throw haymakers or crush a bottle over someone's head, but he'll give them the old Big Texan Bear Huge of death:


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