Wednesday, August 4

Unreal Catch - Dice-K Needs to Make a Call and Get Him in a Sox Uniform

Someone give that Japanese man a Red Sox uniform. Lord knows we could use an outfield who can catch. I'm assuming this is Dice-K's 4th cousin twice removed....get on the phone Diceman.

In all seriousness, how much does this catch remind you of Isuro Tanaka's grab in Major League Two??? Unfortunately I struck out trying to find video of it, but I'll leave you with this:

It's the long-awaited return of Jacoby Ellsbury tonight. Meanwhile, reports from the field say that Youk is taking grounders at first base....only using his glove hand of course. Now that's a man's man. Go Sox.


Soxin10' said...

We could also use Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn to come out of bullpen right now. Depressing!!!!!!!!

ITM-Vicino said...

Interesting you say that since T Murph's fantasy baseball team name is Rick Vaughn. There is a definite problem with our infatuation with the movie, yet, at the same time, there are so many commonalities at times.

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