Thursday, August 5

Is This As Close To A Must Win Game As You Get In August?

I'm not calling tonight's game against the Indians at Fenway a must win, but it's god damn close.

Consider the importance of the 4 game weekend series against the Yanks in the Bronx, the challenging upcoming schedule which follows it: Toronto (away), Texas (away), LAA (home) and Toronto (home), and the fact that the Rays have finally managed to lose this afternoon (8-6 to the Twins)...and tonight's game against a far lesser opponent becomes amazingly important.

Of course, in fitting fashion, the Sox will trot out Dice-K for what amounts to being the most important game of the year thus far in my book.....and that has Joe Murph real worried.

Word on the street is that Joe Murph will be watching the game from under his blankets tonight in Brooklyn, pulling them over his head every time Dice-K pitches.

A win (coupled with hopeful good news on the injury front from Pedey and Youk) could help to put the team on a roll going into what is clearly the tipping point of the season.

As I typed this up, a huge thunderstorm hit here in Boston......a good sign? Or terrible omen? Crap.

PS: T Murph was at the game last night, here is a direct quote/story from his experience:

......"So Jacoby comes up, gets half of a standing O', and this girl next to me says "What is everyone cheering for?" I responded with "Ellsbury is back". Her response? "Ohhhhhh, I like that".

You can't make this stuff up. Go Sox.

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