Tuesday, August 24

Random Rainout Video Post: An Underrated Classic

No one likes rain outs in August, especially wind-driven cold ones. Either way, with the Sox idle as result of this October like monsoon in Boston, and the Yanks and Rays likely on their way to victories, I'm forced to turn to a classic commercial to keep my optimism up.

It's just too bad that Big Mac had to go ruin a great commercial by throwing his name down the toilet with needles and supplements. Regardless, you can't deny the amazing acting of Maddux in this piece, it's an award-winning performance that goes completely overlooked. The man was a nerd, knew it, and had dart-like control......a lethal combination in any aspect of life.

....ITM note: How bad must it be that I was almost pumped when the game was called and I didn't have to watch Josh Beckett disappoint me again tonight?

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