Monday, August 16

A Shot of Optimism: The Laser Show Returns

I think we're all searching for a little bit of good news and optimism after a 5-5 road trip that should have been 7-3. We're further away from a playoff spot than when it started, but you know what....Pedey's back.

I'm not saying he'll laser show us right back into a playoff spot, mainly because our bullpen is that bad and we still have starting outfielders with names like Patterson, McDonald and Kalish, but if nothing else, he'll give us more to be excited about.

So while Ellsbury sits in "worse pain than ever before", and Beckett continues to implode in front of our eyes, at least ITM should have good pre and post game quotes from Pedey to pedal for the next month or two.

Thank god he plays baseball better than he dances.


Soxin10'??? said...

I'm not sure that even Pedroia's return could make me optimistic at this point. So pissed off with this team and the injuries!

DVicino said...

If Pedey's return can't get you pumped, then maybe the Yankee's struggles and Arod's injury will.

It may indeed be irrational, but you never just never know...

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