Saturday, August 14

Say Hello To The New Josh Beckett:

Fresh off getting a ridiculous contract, Rick Wild Thing Vaughn in the video above is the closest comparable I can find to Boston's former ace Josh Beckett.

I was mad as hell after he got lit up against the Yanks, but to follow it up with another clunker, while the Rays and Yanks are continuing to try to hand us a playoff spot.....I'm not sure it can get much worse.

It's simple, if Beckett was the pitcher we thought he was over his last few starts (or the entire year for that matter), we'd be more than in the mix for both the Wildcard and AL East. But since he's pitched more like John Smoltz of 09' than an ace, we continue to sit frustrated on the outside looking in.

Playoff teams win close games like we've had in the past week, they scoreboard watch and know when and how to play with outright desperation. It's becoming more and more apparent that our Red Sox are just not a playoff team.


Dave said...

You're exactly right. All other things being equal, if Josh Beckett was pitching like he's supposed to, it's at least a 3-team race right now.

ITM-Vicino said...

The comment/confirmation is appreciated Dave. Watching the team struggle in such an important stretch is frustrating for sure....but the massive injury bug hasn't been the biggest reason for the team's inability to move closer in the standings, which makes it ten times worse.

Gotta hope Lester sets us straight tonight.

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