Wednesday, August 11

Why the Big Deal Over the Cards/Reds Fight??

All morning I heard about this "brawl", Sportscenter has been leading with it, I've been reading facebook status updates about how this was an "epic" fight. Really? You're going to use the word epic for this? This is really big news these days? A bunch of sallies pushing each other around and screaming in Spanish?

Plus, it's the National League, and although the Reds are an interesting story this year, no one on the East Coast actual cares about this....and everyone knows that the East Coast is the only region that matters.

Not to mention, no one in their right mind would actually choose to live in/root for Cincinnati.

You want epic? Let's talk Nolan Ryan vs Robin Ventura - Don't mess with Old Man Strength:

Or the famous Izzy Alcantara "I'll drop kick your ass" fight

Now we're talking epic.

Buchholz in a big start tonight...and Salty has been called up....Go Sox.

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