Thursday, August 12

You're Kililng Us Pap!

We here at ITM are too angry to submit a real post right now. Safe to say people are ducking me in the hallways after that BS performance from someone who is supposed to be an elite closer in the league.

Joe Murph and I were all ready to blog about Jed Lowrie's studliness and my borderline creepy man love with Salty.

Way to ruin it Pap, way to ruin it for everyone.

Rays are idle, Yanks are playing a tough Texas team tonight.....biggest loss of the season.

Also, you can stop asking to be the highest paid closer in the league now, you shouldn't sniff anywhere close to that level of money at this point. Lastly - how symbolic was the Tito taking out Pap and putting in Bard? Can't fault Bard for giving up a sac fly considering he inherited a piece of crap.

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