Monday, September 6

Chicagoan's Impression of the Fenway Park Experience: "It Sucked"

So I was at Dillions last night with my brother, talking nonsense and bitching about the Red Sox, nothing unusual about that. But after 7 or 8 kettle one and sodas, we found ourselves talking baseball with a few girls who were in town from Chicago.

Earlier in the day they had gone to Fenway and watched Papelpon blow his 17th save of the season, (I know it's really 7, but it feels like 17), and saw Boston get swept away by the Whitesox.

It was their first time visiting Fenway, their impression? "It sucked".
Of course my immediate response was to defend Fenway and the Red Sox at all costs, which I did, but as the conversation went on, I knew they were right.....

They had gone to Remys before the game and thought it was too "chainy". - I can see that.

They sat in the bleachers and called it "tame", no fights, no emotion, nothing. - Granted the Sox are out of it and it's a holiday weekend, but still, a weekend game in the bleachers at Fenway should never be described as tame.

They hated the field announcer for his monotone and serious voice. - Agreed.

They couldn't believe how expensive it was, or that there were no beer vendors walking the bleachers - Can't argue with any of that.

They were surprised how "family oriented" the park was. - This feeling has certainly increased over the past 10 years as "friendly Fenway" needs to dig deeper in the affluent suburban market.

They figured their expectations were too high, but I convinced them to give Fenway another chance. Sadly though, I think the Fenway park experience hit a tipping point a few years back, and is now on decline.

Blame the fair weather fans, blame the lack of superstars, blame the injuries, blame the front office, blame whatever you want, but unfortunately, the girls are right.

ITM Note: The Chicago girls claimed to be "Cubs fans" but were wearing WhiteSox hats. I told them how disgusting that was, but they didn't seem to care, I still just don't get it.

Also, I love Chicago, but I went to US Cellular field to watch the Whitesox and Mets play a few years back....that ballpark is in the friggin ghetto, how I made it out of their alive is still a mystery.


Billy the goat said...

A cubs fan wearing a WhiteSox hat? Doesn't sound like she's got a clue in life.

DVicino said...

She was actually nice, and was trying not to hurt my feelings when bashing her time at Fenway, but I still lost a lot of respect for her when she said she was a Cubs fan while wearing a WhiteSox hat.

The sad reality is that she was right.

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