Sunday, September 5

Thanks Beckett

The former ace of the Red Sox staff showed up today (keep in mind this is being typed in the bottom of the 6th, if he goes back out for the 7th and gets shelled, it's not my fault).

Beckett hasn't been 2007-like sharp, but he's "scattered" 9 hits while striking out 9 and keeping the ridiculously injured and thus weak Boston lineup in the game.

I'm glad he's pitched pretty well this afternoon, but my "thank you" remains sarcastic. Where were the quality starts when we really needed them Josh? Instead, Beckett improves his otherwise terrible pitching numbers in meaningless games against sub par teams.

(ITM note - the Whitesox have a good lineup, but Beckett's only other real success has come against the likes of the Orioles and the Mariners).

So while the Sox will likely struggle to stay within double digits of the Rays and Yanks for the rest of the season, I'll be looking towards 2011, wondering if the dollars for Beckett are going to be even close to worth it.

1 comment:

Soxin11 I guess said...

And just like that Pap blew the save and the Sox lose another one.

You can't really blame that one on the injuries.

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