Wednesday, September 1

If the Sox Win, But No One Cares, Does It Count?

If this game had occurred two weeks ago, I'd be genuinely excited. However, despite Lester's mediocre but gutty performance, Beltre's timely tater, and Papelbon's 34th save of the year, I can't find the true emotion to sincerely care.

Lester got the win, the Sox snapped their three game losing streak, but the question is, does anyone actually notice anymore.

I was sinking a few Octoberfests with some buddies of mine tonight at Clery's, and the majority of people in the bar were far more interested in the Wednesday night trivia contest than the 18 TVs on the wall showing the game.

Sure, it shouldn't take 9 runs to beat a terrible O's team, but then again, a team with a payroll of 170 gabillion dollars shouldn't be essentially eliminated from playoff contention with a month of baseball to go.

I guess such is life when you've had an insane amount of injuries, a lack of deadline/waiver wire movement, and teams with talent levels like the Rays and Yanks (and maybe even the Jays?) in your division.

Which leads me to question what the TV and attendance ratings will actually look like down the stretch in 2010....

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