Monday, September 27

Is Aroldis Chapman Human?

105 MPH? Seriously? I saw this over the weekend and just assumed I had drank too much for it to be real life.

I mean, he's from Cuba, which means you can add at least 3 years to his age, and he likely took all sorts of horse steroids before making a run for it, but 105 MPH?

Check the gun, test Chapman, then check the gun again.

Seriously, I understand that athletes are getting bigger and faster with enhanced training and technology....but where will it end?

Will guys from Kazakhstan be throwing 111 MPH by the time I'm 35?

The human body is only capable of so much, and even Rick Vaughn couldn't touch 105 in Major League II.

PS: As of last night, I'm the World Champion of my fantasy baseball's a keeper league, and guess who I've got waiting on my bench to ensure continued dominance? Nope, not JD Drew, my main man Chapman. Championship.


Screw Castro - Elect Chapman said...

"Will guys from Kazakhstan be throwing 111 MPH by the time I'm 35?"

Awesome. But my money is on China, if you listen to the news you'd know that the Chinese will have conquered the world by then.

ITM-Vicino said...

China is overrated, you and I both know that.

Despite the one trillion people there, how many huge 6'4" lefty fireballers do you think they have? My money is on 7, and none of them are close to my main man Chapman

I'm telling you, look out for Kazakhstan, the next Dominican Republic.

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