Monday, September 27

Pap Continues to Kick Me in the Teeth

They almost had me. Three outs away from a sweep in NY and I was starting to do the math in my head. The odds were amazingly against us, but the Yanks had been playing so bad, and with 3 more games against them to close out the season at Fenway, why not us?

I should really know better by now.

Everyone else was watching the Jets and Dolphins in a close one while I watched a closer who continues to ask for a top of the market contract implode yet again.

Pap has now blown 8 saves, most in the AL. His ERA sits at 4.02, by far the highest in his career. Against the hated Yanks? His ERA balloons to 8.64.

You can blame a squeezed strike zone if you want Pap, but the reality is, you're just not that good, and haven't been for nearly two years now....and you're certainly not as good as you think you are.

Last night, you ended the season for the Sox yet again, just like in the 09' ALDS.

Luckily for you, Tom Brady and his Justin Bieber hair was busy saving his defense's ass all day, and as a result, not many people will notice.

When do the Bruins and Celts start up again?

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