Sunday, September 26

It's Just God Keeping Mike Lowell On His Toes

He's beat cancer twice, rejuvenated his career when everyone said he was done, and was the 2007 AL MVP for the Sox. Mike Lowell has nearly been to hell and back, but god seems to keep reminding him to stay in line.

Mikey took a wicked hop to the face on Friday night as the Red Sox continue to try to put a little scare into the Bronx.

It looked bad, real bad, I nearly spit my beer all over the entire bar at the BBC in Falmouth....but in typical Lowell fashion, he picked himself up, didn't rub it, and pushed on.

When Granderson got to first base and asked Lowell if he was ok, Mikey responded: "As long as they don’t rule it an error, I’m good."

That's a man.

Also, Mikey, it could have been way worse.....

PS: I've gotta think more people will be watching the Jets/Miami game tonight than the Sox/Yanks. Continued examples of our sad reality.

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