Sunday, September 12

A Weekend First: No Sox Talk

All three "writers" for ITM were together this weekend for a great wedding celebration.....and something funny happened: While I can't say I have a clear recollection of absolutely every second from the open bar, I mean, weekend, I don't think we talked about the Sox once.

Not only did I not talk Red Sox with the two other clowns who contribute to ITM whenever they feel like it, but never too often, but I also didn't discuss the local 9 with anyone at all for the weekend.

Instead, topics included (but were certainly not limited to):

-The Pats season opener

-Erin Andrew's amazing "coverage" on College Gameday

-How Rex Ryan continues to get fatter, but barks ridiculous quotes - it's a love/hate thing

-We agreed Don Draper shouldn't cheat on Betty, she's just too damn good looking for that

-T Murph's eventual wedding entrance music will be Gunz N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle

-After 5 years, Joe Murph finally got new glasses and can actually see things - he just guessed before

-How is it possible that MetroPCS gets away with the blatantly racist commericals? Do Indians just not care about their culture? - We had no real answer for this one.

-How ITM's last post (see below) was indeed its worst of all time

Most Septembers, we would maybe get to one or two of the topics listed above. We'd be too busy bitching about JD Drew's contract and arguing over potential playoff match ups.

Nope. Not this year. This time the Sox weren't even mentioned, and it's September....something I'm still very much coming to grips with.

PS: If the last Post was ITM's worst, this one has got to be second in line. Terrible and I know it. If I wasn't worried about losing my job, I'd spice things up with pictures from this debauchery of a weekend....but I value my real income.

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