Friday, September 10

The Sox Pick Up Matt Fox: We're Back!

The Red Sox signed Matt Fox off of waivers last night. Watch out Rays, the Sox are coming for you. The Yanks must be looking in their rear view mirror after such a move. Who wouldn't want a guy who can survive on a make believe island in the Pacific while fighting off "the others" and keeping his team alive via operations on the beach? The Yanks missed the boat on this one.

On a somewhat serious note, the Sox picked up Fox after he was designated for assignment by the Twins on Sunday. They had moved him off their 40 man roster in favor of bringing up a Double A outfielder.

For the year, my main man Matty Fox went 6-9 with a 3.95 ERA for Triple A Rochester.

Yes, it's absolutely that slow of a news day/month for the Sox. As a result, my posts are likely to only get more and more weird/irrelevant. Something ITM readers will have to get used to.

"We've gotta go back Dice-K, we've gotta go back!"

Yes, you are indeed correct, this is the worst ITM post of all time. Mark it zero, next frame.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Okay, now you're just being hard on yourself. Very nice comeback post and I suggest when you run out of other things you begin posting pictures of your own gorgeous wife and start ignoring your useless co-writers as they so largely deserve. We all appreciate eye candy; especially when she's so smahhht.

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