Wednesday, September 8

Worst. Game. Ever.

Nothing like having your company shell out multiple hundy spots for tickets in the State Street Pavilion section only to get absolutely clobbered by the Rays.

A few people I was with last night were from the other side of the pond and it was their first time at Fenway. They've gotta be waking up this morning thinking I'm absolutely insane for loving this game called baseball (I apologized to them multiple times and made sure they agreed to come back for a different game).

We decided on purchasing tickets to last night's game back in April with the idea that a September game against the Rays at Fenway would be a great experience, a close one, and a playoff-like atmosphere. We couldn't have been more wrong.

At least the Rays put on a power display similar to the 2008 ALCS, I'm sure the first timers to Fenway were amazed by how bad the Sox pitching is and how far the Rays could hit the ball over the monster and onto Lansdowne street.

Speaking of bad pitching. When explaining the process of how we were "able to acquire" Dice-K I was met with complete blank stares and the question of "why would you do that for a player so terrible?".

I ask the same thing to myself nearly every 5 days.

ITM note: Throughout the entire game there was a guy in the next section, with his son, who continually yelled "nice going Franconca" from the 2nd inning on. Seriously? Like you're going to blame the Rays launching every other pitch over the monster on Tito? As much as I like Red Sox fans, I hate them too.

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