Wednesday, September 8

Umpire Ejects Fan, Where Does it End?

Is this real life? Can umpires really eject fans out of the ballpark? If so, how the hell hasn't this happened to T Murph or I yet?

I can't imagine what this fan was saying, but I hope it was worth it. Umps should focus on the game and let the ballpark security do their thankless job.

Their power grabbing continues, it needs to stop. Next thing you know they'll be stopping the game to tell a fan to go in the bathroom and turn their "Jeter Drinks Wine Coolers" t-shirts inside out.

Also, Angela Sun, great work, I really enjoyed your um, insight.


Soxin11' said...

Yum Yum Angela Sun. Can we get her on NESN with Heidi?

ITM-Vicino said...

I'm sure she goes by "Yum Yum Angela Sun" all the time. If she doesn't, she sure should.

Good stuff.

The Sports Guy said...

Umpires think they are a big part of the game and have all the power. They think they can do anything they want with no repercussions and this is not how baseball should be. Umpires should not be allowed to eject a fan simply for heckling a player, what happened to freedom of speech? Players and Umpires should be professional and keep their ears out of the stands keep their focus on the game, which is what they are getting paid to do. MLB should do like the NBA and when and Umpires do something they shouldn't do they should get reprimanded just like the NBA officials.

ITM-Vicino said...

I whole heartedly agree, but wonder how long it'll take for Bill Simmons to hunt you down for naming rights?

Maybe it's a product of a very frustrating season in Boston, but I'm more and more fed up with umpires everyday.

Tom said...

T-Murph ruining Fenway Park for fans since 1991....ahhh Hermeida? lol...on a more somber note In my early spring Red Sox fever I purchased as many tix that we could afford. Fortunately most games we went to were before the start of the rash of injuries & the influx of Pawtucket players I could spend $6 to see any other night. With that being said, in a week I will be at Fenway with the family & friends to watch them limp to the end of a frustrating season. I am pissed at the amount of money I spent to watch a bunch of minor leaguers trying to take the place of the big boys. Not happy!!

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