Tuesday, October 5

Four Days in October: I Cried Three Times

ESPN's "Four Days in October" did not disappoint. I simply have too many emotions running through my body right now to put it into an accurate post. So here are a mental dump of some thoughts:

-I literally teared up on three separate occasions during the hour long program. To be entering my senior year of college during this epic postseason only adds to the already perfect script.

-Raise your hand if you forgot completely about Curtis Leskanick and his role in the 2004 ALCS? If it's not raised you're lying. That was a blast from the past and I feel guilty for having completely forgotten about such an important human being in my life. My bad Curtis, if ITM made T-Shirts (which we should), I'd send you one.

-I forgot how much I love Kevin Millar....but if I wasn't a Red Sox fan, I'm pretty sure I'd hate his guts.

-How money was Pedro and his midget mascot Nelso? "Hola gringos" - instant classic. RIP little man.

-This will be saved on my DVR forever, I will absolutely make my future kids watch this until their eyes fall out......all while annoying the hell out of them with my tears and random drunken stories.

-Given the storyline, this was a no lose situation for ESPN. Talk about sitting on a goldmine. They could have produced this in black and white with Celine Deon as the host and I would have loved it.

-Sadly, I can't say I was a big fan of Lenny Clark and Billy boy Simmons on this. It's like they were trying too hard or something.

-Why on earth is Randy Moss/Fox sports trying to show up this show? Literally, they couldn't have waited until 9:05pm to break the news? (For the record, as of 9:30pm, I think it's a crap rumor, but who knows).


Anonymous said...

Nelson is dead? Why wasn't there a week of mourning on his behalf????

Moss deal is incredibly stupid!!

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meineluka said...

Nelson is dead? Why wasn't there a week of mourning on his behalf????

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