Tuesday, October 5

New Video - "Four Days in October" - Tonight at 8pm

The season has come to an unfortunate end, so why not cheer yourself up a bit by watching ESPN's 30 for 30 called "Four Days in October".

ITM wrote in about this before, now it's time for the program to live up to the hype. You would think (and wish) that ITM had a promo deal with ESPN for this series.

Maybe it's the way the 2010 season (or lack there of) panned out, but I'm all fired up to live through the 2004 ALCS again.

It's somehow been almost 6 years since the greatest comeback in the history of sports....which means it's about time for a refresher. ESPN has hyped up 30 for 30's in the past, many have looked great on the promotions, but failed miserably (see the one on Mike Tyson and Tupac....totally sucked goats).

Safe to say that if this sucks, ITM will be writing all sorts of choice worded memos.

PS: Curt Schilling has really let things go since retiring huh? The man may be running a video game company with 13 year olds, but he looks like complete crap. Show some pride Curt.

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Who's Your Daddy? said...

So far, so amazingly good, I should watch this every week!

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