Monday, October 4

ITM World Series Prediction

(According to T Murph: Ryan Howard is the new big he hangs out with Snoop, how could the Phillies possibly lose with that combination?)

GChat is an amazing thing. It allows for all sorts of random conversation and constant sports chatter among friends while you should be doing work at your desk (yes, the same can be said for ITM).

With the doldrums of Monday morning in full effect, myself, Joe Murphy and T Murph all GChatted on our World Series expectations.....

Interestingly enough, we all agreed on two things:

1- We're praying to the sweet Baby Jesus that the Yanks fall flat on their face to the Twins - especially after losing out on the division thanks to their end of the season loss to the Sox yesterday afternoon.

2- Pitching wins championships; as a result, we expect the Rays and the Phillies to be battling it out in the big show in a few weeks. That said, the stupidest rule in baseball will play a significant role in the series. The fact that the NL finally got over their inferiority complex to win an otherwise meaningless All-Star game gives them the edge in the series.

Also, according to T Murph, "Ryan Howard is the new Big Sexy....and he came to drop bombs."

Take from that whatever you'd like.


Soxin11' said...

With Snoop on their side, the Phillies simply can't lose. And there is nothing/everything wrong with calling him the New Big Sexy.

Also - who then is the old big sexy? Do i want to know?

ITM-Vicino said...

Clearly Snoop is the X factor, I mean, the movie Old School would have been nothing without him.

The origional Big Sexy was Kevin Nash. That's right,from NWO(sad reality, I know). Then Ortiz earned the crown, now T Murph has crowned Howard with the title.

Don't turn your back on the Wolfpack.

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