Tuesday, October 5

Let the Average Joe GMing Begin

You can blame injuries, the bullpen consistently throwing up all over their own feet, and/or Beckett and Lackey not living up to their huge contracts......choose one, or all of the above, either way, the 2010 Red Sox season is over.

As a result, we've officially transitioned. Summer has turned into fall. Football is in full swing....and sure, the Patriots looked surprisingly good in the 2nd half last night, but this remains a baseball town.....and the off season Average Joe GMing has become a true art form of the winter months.

From signing Prince Fielder to overpaying for Carl Crawford in order to have two 50+ base stealers in the lineup to resigning Rocco Baldelli..... the off season rumors/arguments/irrational thought process is both a lot of fun, and borderline insanity.

Just yesterday Joe Murph and I spent a solid 20 minutes debating if Crawford would be more productive batting lea doff or in the two hole here in Boston. It's a fun game, vicariously playing with someone else's money......and it's started already.

Theo himself said it just the other day, there could be larger than normal changes to our beloved Red Sox by the time ITM is sinking beers down in Ft Myers in March.

So while we continue to come up with witty nicknames and phrases for Patrick Chung ("You've been Chunged", "big trouble in little China", etc), Bostonians will also be spending Theo's money all off season.

I gotta think Theo will be shooting five hour energy drinks for the next 5 months or so.....things should get real interesting, real soon.

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