Tuesday, October 19

Joe Girardi Looking For Bad News in a Good Way

Cliff Lee just beat the bag out to the Yanks, in New York, and probably made himself an extra 20 million per year by doing so. I haven't seen that kind of domination over the Yankees in a long time. 3 total baserunners? What are you the Bad News Bears?

To top all the bad news off, the Bronx Bombers may have to send AJ "I crap my pants every time I'm on the mound" Burnett to try to tie the series against Texas.

Bad news all around for New York, and as a Red Sox fan, it's my duty to love it.

PS: honestly, I was just looking for a chance to play this video, an absolutle classic.

1 comment:

Soxin11' said...

The Yankees are in all sorts of trouble, the only way I'd be happier was if the Sox were the ones kicking their ass all over their own field.

There is always next year!

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