Saturday, October 23

Yankee Fail

The amount of pleasure I took in the Rangers kicking the Yankees out of the playoffs last night is disturbing. Of course I always route against the Yankees, but my borderline obsession with the Rangers beating them only grew throughout the series, two main things turned my hatred of the Yankees into complete rage:

-The Granderson homerun: Not only was Grandy's tater in the Bronx not reviewed, the reaction of that DB NY fan in the stands drove me insane. Hat sideways, over the top cocky, and flipping the double bird to Nelson Cruz. It captured everything I hate about Yankee fans....I wanted Cruz to go Ron Artest on that DB in the worst way.

-Nick Swisher: He may be the Kevin Millar of the current Yankees (except a better player)....but his over confidence and recent comments against Cliff Lee (the guy who has completely dominated the Playoffs like Josh Beckett in 07') made me want to puke.

I love how Yankee fans immediately come back by saying "at least we made the playoffs" they wouldn't be gloating and making up fake Italian-sounding words to rub a Boston loss in our faces. It's called the greatest rivalry in sports, I hate your guts and love seeing you lose regardless of Boston's situation. Your assumptive and cocky attitude that the World Series was already in hand only makes this sweeter.

PS: The Rangers have close to 150 million less in payroll this year than the Yanks. Nolan Ryan just gave NY the double bird on his way to the World Series.

PPS: Arod going down looking to end the Yankee season? Couldn't have asked for a better end.

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