Thursday, December 23

AGon: "Spit in your palm and shake my hand"

Pulled from  “I made a comment to Theo, ‘Make the trade happen by itself, and I promise you during the season I’ll negotiate,”’ Gonzalez said. “I’m not going to come here and be like, ‘OK, we’ll see you at free agency and see if you outbid the other teams.’ We’ll negotiate during the season. We’re going to be fair. We won’t be looking for record-breaking deals. We just want market value.

“We gave them our word that we were going to negotiate during the season in good faith. We’re not going to go in there and ask for Albert Pujols’ contract, something along those lines.”

“That was one of their comments, what if he gets this humongous deal and you want to be closer to him?” Gonzalez said. “I said, ‘Trust me. What the market is today might change by then, but we’re going to negotiate based on what the market is today.”’

Can it get any better?  First the full page ad in the SD newspaper, and now this story?  Gonzales and the Sox agreed early on that an extension would not get in the way of finalizing the overall trade.  Instead, they acted like men, spit in the palm of their hands and shook on it.  If AGon proves the surgery to be a non issue early in the season (which is expected) and absolutely rakes at Fenway (which is also expected), he's going to land himself some serious money. 

He doesn't need Albert Pujols to set the bar for him, he can do that all on his own merit, but it's nice to hear that AGon is not an irrational, egotistic maniac.  I'm telling you, this team is made up of winners.  I feel as though 80 percent of my recent posts have been about the class of the talent we've brought to Boston this offseason.....meanwhile the Yankees are trying to resign that DB Johnny Damon.  Good work Cashman.

Pujols’ presence was clearly felt at the table. The Red Sox couldn’t shake the notion that if Pujols signed a mega-deal, the shared parameters of what market value was could change overnight.


DannyBoy said...

what will you say when he goes back on his word and demands 200 million? Won't be so excited then will you?

ITM-Vicino said...

Danny Downer huh? Come on dude, you need to enjoy the highs and the lows.

By that I mean, being completely irrational on both ends. Sox kid.

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