Wednesday, December 22

Classy Crawford: Take Notes Randy Moss and Manny Ramirez

NESN:  Like any good multimillionaire does, Carl Crawford picked up the tab.

But the new Red Sox outfielder wasn't treating his family or friends to a night on the town to celebrate his seven-year, $142 million contract. Instead, Crawford arranged to buy lunch for the entire Tampa Bay Rays staff on Wednesday afternoon. at Tropicana Field, according to Marc Topkin of

Roughly 150 employees were treated to the barbecue meal by the nine-year member of the Rays, who fled to Boston this offseason.

Take notes Randy Moss, Manny Ramirez and all you other DB's out there.  This is how real men operate.  Carl Crawford literally can do no wrong in my book right now (that said, wait until he pops out with runners on first and third on April 4th). 

How classic/southern/Floridian is the BBQ aspect?  In retrospect, instead of taking out a full page ad thanking his teams/fans, maybe AGon should have rented out a Mexican restaurant in San Diego and treated the entire staff to some serious empanadas. 

It's snowing again in the Back Bay, spring training can't get here soon enough.

1 comment:

Soxin11' said...

Pedroia would invite everyone over for headlocks and verbal harrassment. I'd consider that the best option out there.

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