Saturday, December 18

Angels Owner is Pissed His Team Got Worked by Theo

“There were rumors out there, but we never made an official offer, and no parameters were discussed,” Moreno told the Times, adding later that when Angels GM Tony Reagins met with Crawford’s agent on the first day of the winter meetings, he was told that the outfielder already had an agreement in place, and that the Angels “never had a chance” to bid.

The Angels owner emphasized that the deal that Crawford signed with the Red Sox came with significant risk.

“It’s crazy. I paid [$183 million] for the team [in 2003], and now we’re talking $142 million for one player? Seven years on a player is a huge risk financially,” Moreno said in the story. “[Crawford's] greatest asset is speed, and he’s a very skilled athlete who would have fit perfectly in left field for us. But we didn’t look at him as a power hitter in our stadium.”

Oh cry me a river Arte. First you're complaining that you never had a chance to offer Crawford a contract and then you critize how much the Sox paid for him? Eat it Arte, you and your team got worked by Theo and everyone knows it.

He should be a lot more concerned with the fact that his Angels ball club is looking at another mediocre year if they don't make some serious moves. Maybe they should take on the Patriots mortar and just worry about themselves. Put the Halos in the AL East and they would win 75 games.

PS: blog posted while hungover on the T at 8:30am. I should get extra points.


Anonymous said...

"hungvoer on the T at 8:30am" Walk of shame maybe? That should never happen.

Moreno is a bitch.

ITM-Vicino said...

Agreed on Moreno, but come on man, we've all been there on the T.

Cetainly no walk of shame, just too many drinks and too Christmas parties. It happens to us all.

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